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Here I go again on my own...

Its me, Sophie! Coming at you from my channel/blog name 'Silk And Steel'. So cheesy, right?

Finding something to pursue as a creative outlet for me has proven harder than I thought. I'm pretty satisfied that work is work, it pays the bills. I have to get something more from life, and I have exhausted so many avenues to get to this point.

I pursued the MUA/Hair/Beauty Guru route. In a 2020 world where there are thousands of talented artists on the internet and in each city, it's all or nothing. Truthfully, I lacked the burning desire to compete with those younger, brighter and better than me who have invested countless hours in their work. I just love progressing with my skills for my own benefit, it will never be more than that for me and that's cool. I'm glad I realised at this stage and not hundreds of pounds worth of gear later.

You get to an age, a point in life, where everything has to have some benefit to you and have worth. Time is so precious, there really is no point in spending it chasing things with no fire in your belly. The only thing that has been consistently a huge part of my heart since I was a kid, is creative writing and my love of rock music. I was brought up with headbanging parents, raising us on Iron Maiden, Poison, Crue, Def Lepp, Warrant and such. Heavier, Hairier, whatever it was, I loved it.

I have spent years of my adult life visiting rock clubs, bars, watching live music, attending festivals (11 years of download and upcoming 4 years of Hard Rock Hell!) - I have podium danced for bands, interviewed them on behalf of other people's podcasts and mags, made friends with bands and more importantly, made friends with people all over the world who share the same love and passion for the music and the family feel of the community. I've made friends for life and shared amazing experiences with them, because of music.

I completed a foundation degree in Journalism last year, at 27 I just wanted a crack at it. Every feature I submitted was more or less to do with 80s & 90s Rock/ Culture. My tutors encouraged me endlessly to pursue it, but I didn't...until now.

So this brings us here! My first blog, my youtube channel will be set up and bearing content by this weekend. I will also be writing for an established online magazine, watch this space... My aim is to use this blog as a platform for hosting and sharing my work, be it links to my videos, a diary of events I go to, a place to find my published articles. I've teamed up with a journo friend, we will be looking at visiting and reviewing vintage stores, rock themed bars and restaurants, hybrid fashion, inspired make up and hair tutorials, chatting about the movies, books and shows, and of course...the music!

I will be looking to headhunt new bands with the authentic 80s and 90s sound. Whether that be wailing like David Lee Roth, rough and ready like RATT, screeching like Cinderella, or Heavy and dirty like Megadeth, Grungy like Pearl Jam, Ugly Kid Joe, I want to hear from you!! I want to listen, review, and promote you on various platforms.

If this sounds like you, please email me at sophie.silkandsteel@yahoo.com

For the rest of you, sit tight and stay tuned!

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